We believe our health deserves better. Food today is over-farmed, over-processed, and starved of its nutrient potential and the band-aid solutions out there just don’t measure up. That’s why I designed real food, nutrient-dense bites that are whole, never refined, and deeply nourishing on a cellular level. You may think of GEM as a supplement, but it’s much more than that. GEM is your daily health companion— transparent, sustainable, and 100% real. As someone who is very sensitive to many of the artificial ingredients and fillers in traditional supplements, I wanted to create something radically different. GEM is pure nutrition and made from the very plants that transformed my health.

    Sara Cullen, Founder + CEO
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  • Azure Standard

    Azure is a different kind of company born of a different mindset and held to a different standard. You know us as a natural health food distributor bringing bulk and specialty health foods to communities all across the nation. But at our core, we are a family (plus friends who might as well be family!) with a dedication to share what we have learned and provide other families with the highest standard of whole foods at affordable prices. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, organic, non-GMO foods to live long, strong, meaningful lives.

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